Atlanta, GA

Promenade in Midtown Atlanta is undergoing a renaissance, bringing both its internal and exterior common spaces to a new level of finish and utility.

Our team is breathing new life into the garden and plaza spaces by creating a number of opportunities for tenants and guests to the building to work, meet, and socialize outside.

The site is 1.3 acres and is divided into several spaces with differing capacities to support the buildings users. A plaza space fronting onto 15th Street is being refreshed by introducing built in furnishings and softening the existing plaza with new plantings, turf, and trees to provide human scale, as well as companionship to the Stealth sculpture.

The garden space interior to Promenade is being reconfigured due to development on a neighboring property. The new garden space creates smaller more intimate settings for heads down work, small meetings, or lunch amidst a refreshed lushly planted landscape.

The new outdoor spaces associated with Promenade provide added amenity to a building positioned in the heart of one of the most desirable districts in Atlanta.

The overall design for Promenade create a continuity to sister properties generating a campus like environment, with scalable spaces for larger corporate events to everyday uses.

Client: TVS Design
Owner: Cousins Properties
TVS Design
Kimley Horn
Gabler Youngston
SITE solutions