333 Peachtree

Nashville, Tennessee

333 Commerce, known locally as ‘The Batman Building, is being repositioned and rebranded by MetLife from a single tenant to modernized multi-tenant office building. The renovations included redesign of all the public spaces at the ground floor of the building – including the two main entries off Commerce Street.

The surrounding plaza spaces of the near thirty-year-old building were quite tired and fallen into disrepair. The main plaza entry to the building, near the intersection of Commerce with 4th Street, was opened visually to the street by removing overgrown landscape and simplifying the approach to the building. A new event lawn and reconfigured network of pedestrian paths creates a clear framework for the plaza, with new workspaces associated with the edges of the site.

The reconfigured plaza creates a more legible identity to the building from the street while providing opportunities for workers within the building a place to gather, relax, or work outdoors. Bespoke planters and work rails provide places to sit, to eat, and to meet with coworkers. Metlife Status: Complete Collaborators: TVS, Barrett Woodyard, Lighting Design Alliance



Barrett Woodyard
Lighting Design Alliance