Bob Callan Trunk Trail, Phase II

Cobb County, GA

SITE solutions is providing design and landscape architecture services for the extension of the Bob Callan Trail near the Chattahoochee River in Cobb County.

In addition to landscape improvements along the main trunk trail, the design challenge included the development of a trailhead which traverses a twenty-five-foot grade change as well as restoration and streambank mitigation along Rottenwood Creek in Cobb County.

The trailhead takes a meandering route from parking level to the main trail to ensure ADA access and ease of use for cyclists.

To take advantage of the grades and alignment of the pathway, a series of spaces have been designed to provide places for rest, for working out, and for meeting adjacent to the trailhead’s path.

Plantings transition from the tree lawn along Interstate North Parkway to the more environmentally sensitive riparian environment of Rottenwood Creek as the trail transitions from a streetscape environment to more natural surrounds.

Client: Health and Lineback Engineers
Owner: Cobb County DOT
Cumberland Community Improvement District
Heath and Lineback Engineers (civil and structural engineering)
SITE solutions