Legacy Makers Competition

Atlanta, GA

Two men meet at the intersection of progress and the past, at Peachtree and Auburn. Through the seemingly passive act of conscious listening, these men lead to write a new chapter for Atlanta, each working to build the Beloved Community from a racially, economically, and socially fractured city.

The legacies of these men, Mayors Maynard Jackson and Ivan Allen, Jr., are represented at this pivotal junction as interconnected portraits. Each faces what were separate parts of the city, joined over time because of their work.

While they broke down barriers and obstacles to bridge divides, work remains to be done to connect and unify communities. The proposed installation creates a catalyst for ongoing dialogue in an effort to realize that connection, not only through remembering these men and their actions but by inspiring us to act as personal stewards of their common purpose. The work of listening and empathy, reflection and leadership continue as we help construct, conversation by conversation, the Beloved Community.

This tribute is meant to invite the community to understand the past and to take ownership of the future; experience intimate stories and confront the overall legacy and challenge of Atlanta; and invite personal perspectives to be shared, provoking us to hear and listen to one another. For it is only through listening and empathy that the Beloved Community will exist.

Client: Central Atlanta Progress
Chasm Architecture
William Massey
SITE solutions