Site Solutions | Post Alexander

Post Alexander

Atlanta, Georgia

Site Solutions  designed the sitework and rooftop gardens for this four-story podium apartment complex located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. The architectural site plan divides the property into two major courtyards. The north courtyard is primarily a visual space, and is all on structure with severe weight limitations.  Site Solutions divided the space into two non-symmetrical gardens, with native trees shrubs and sedums, and two flagstone walks that join at the central fountain.

In the rear courtyard, Site Solutions worked with the architect and structural engineer to slightly depress the pool deck area from the adjacent gardens, both to make the pool more private and to add more flexibility as to how the spaces are utilized.  There is a seamless transition from an on-structure to on-grade condition that helps to define the level change.  Masses of flowers in overscaled pots, abundant perennials, brick pavers and tiled fountains all contribute to making this an inviting space for residents and guests.

Client: Post Properties