Site Solutions | La Isla Shopping Village

La Isla Shopping Village

Acapulco, Mexico

Developed by Mexico’s premier real estate developer, La Isla Shopping Village is a spectacular retail and entertainment complex in the Punta Diamonte area of Acapulco. Capitalizing on the resurgence in one of Mexico’s well established resort destinations, the center contains 144 commercial shops, 14 restaurants and nightclubs, a cinema complex and Aqua Planet, a water park. It is adjacent to La Isla Residences and provides a major day and night time attraction for tourists alongside Acapulco’s beautiful beaches.

The center has three major anchors, with a canal boat waterway providing the thematic connection to each. The La Isla (“Islands”) concept is all about water, and Site Solutions was retained to develop the concept for waterscape, hardscape and the gardens for this world-class resort shopping destination.

The inner island, envisioned as “old town”, has heavy rusticated walls as the canal edge. The outer area has more fanciful, wave-like paving, decorative railings, and plenty of seating and gathering spaces. The canal edges are enlivened by a series of waterworks, fountain cascades and leapfrog fountains. The centerpiece of the canal is “La Bufadora”, a show fountain that mimics wave action and the geyser effect of ocean waves crashing through a narrow rock channel.

Opened 2009, La Isla Shopping Village is one of several projects contributing to the re-establishment of Acapulco’s 1960’s allure as the destination for the 21st century’s jet set.

Client:  GICSA