Site Solutions | City Santa Fe

City Santa Fe

City Santa Fe is a unique and innovative GICSA mixed use concept located in the affluent and growing Santa Fe area of Mexico City. The master plan calls for ten towers to be constructed on an area covering 453,000 square feet. The towers will be divided into four different Districts, each equipped with its own gym, swimming pool, spa, multiple use rooms, daycare center, and landscaped and recreational areas.

Each tower, ranging from twenty to fifty stories, will be designed by a major international architect, following a master plan developed by the Jerde Partnership. In addition to the residential towers, a Four Seasons Residences Hotel and two major parks are planned.

The linear site has significant cross slope, resulting in five stories of parking to be bunkered in to the hill. On the uphill Boulevard de Santa Fe side the roofdeck is at grade with the street, resulting in the 10,000-square-meter City Walk, a 1-kilometer-long, retail-entertainment pedestrian thoroughfare with 95 tenants.

Site solutions has been retained by GICSA to develop the rooftop gardens, retail promenade and parks for all four phases. Currently Phases One and Two are under construction. Curving planters, outdoor dining areas, trellises, water features, play areas and seating niches are all features in Site solutions design, along with a strong streetscape that ties the phases together.

Client: GICSA

Master Plan: The Jerde Partnership

Hotel Architect: SOM New York