Site Solutions | Abercorn Common

Abercorn Common

Savannah, GA

2006 ULI Atlanta Award for Excellence Winner

Abercorn Common is the first shopping center in the nation to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification, and is a lifestyle center retrofitted from an existing 1960’s strip retail center.

Site Solutions’ mandate was to make the center’s site work meet its LEED obligation while retaining the charm and traditional feel of old Savannah. Working from the architect’s site plan, Site Solutions provided gateway palm orchards, large canopy trees, and both high albedo and porous paving. Solar powered cells run salvaged brick-clad fountains. Smaller water troughs and pot fountains complete the irrigation canal imagery, and provide a focal point of water across the landscape. All irrigation for planting is provided by captured rainwater.

Ornate cisterns that collect roof runoff are strategically located along the pedestrian promenade and serve as a reminder of the hydrologic water cycle. Native landscape materials are used, and the parking lots are extensively shaded. Site Solutions salvaged paving and wall cladding from local sources whenever possible. In addition, the developer has programmed a LEED education/sustainability outreach classroom at the site.