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Avalon: Product Spotlight

In past blogs we have spoken to the programming, branding continuity, the skating rink and overall place making that contribute to the energy and vibe of Avalon. Additionally, site furniture, fireplaces, fountains, pots, bocce, etc., liberally sprinkled throughout a development add the texture and fine grain to the experience. Occasionally, new and exciting vendor products really do hit the mark, which is evidenced at Avalon.

A few examples:

  1. Green Walls: In lieu of murals and graphics the team decided to energize underused storefront facades with green walls. Manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks, they add great seasonal color, visual interest and fragrance to the guest experience.Untitled
  2. “Jessie Rails”: From Landscape Forms’ Urban Edge collection, these outdoor bar style counters provide a great seating option to both standard benches, seatwalls and café tables and chairs. Their high counter height, double-sized swivel seats, and linear arrangement perched over the skating rink provide great interplay between the seated, passers-by and skaters.Untitled2
  3. Shade Sails: Three large footprint (16’ sq.) inverted shade sails from Fabritec provide visual interest, marking the east entry to Avalon’s Living Room. Uplit, they are quite dramatic and deliver much-needed shade to the Children’s Play area.Untitled3
  4. Floor Lamps: One of the guiding principles is for Avalon to feel like “home”. Oversize floor lamps from Barbicon provide the recall and comfort of “indoors” scaled up for the energy and bustle of the project. Each lamp base also recalls the Avalon branding logo.Untitled4Untitled5
  5. Main Street Benches: We selected the Sonoma bench from Landscape Forms which has a circular laptop shelf at the corner, adding to the comfort and subtle hi-tech nature of a project that is a “fiberhood” throughout.Untitled6
  6. Green Roofs: Located above the gaming tables at the living room, the prefab trays from Weston Solutions (with plants by Saul Nurseries) animate the roof, cool it, and provide a visual reminder of the sustainable principles woven into the project.Untitled8
  7. Bicycle racks: The outstretched hand cor-ten bike rack model Tactil from Landscape Forms adds an anarchic touch of whimsy to the Concierge area.Untitled7
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